Micro Brewery

World’s finest beer’s are From Belgium - Canadian Clear In Joint Venture With Prodeb Brewery Technology Belgium

Belgium Technology 

A brew pub is a pub or restaurant that brews beer on the premises. Some brew pubs, such as those in Europe, have been brewing traditionally on the premises for hundreds of years.
"A micro brewery is a small brewery with a limited production capacity which, produces hand-crafted beers.”
Although originally "micro brewery" was used in relation to the size of breweries, it gradually came to reflect an alternative attitude and approach to brewing flexibility, adaptability, experimentation and customer service.
Micro or craft breweries have adopted a different marketing strategy than large, mass-market breweries, offering products that compete on the basis of quality and diversity, instead of low price and advertising.
Brew Pub's have become famous and successful world wide because of the superior taste, wide range and high profitability (up to 300%).

Canadian Clear in collaboration with Prodeb Brewery Technology, Belgium brings to you not only process technology and equipments but also franchisee of internationals renowned Belgium brands.
Canadian Clear is a one stop shop for your micro brewery to be a success.
Canadian Clear offers start to end solution to clients from visualizing the project to validating, financial and sales models along with installation, commissioning and training of your staff. With four decades in providing custom made solution's for various process industries, Canadian Clear guarantees the client high efficiency and consistent quality in the beer produced in its equipments.
Canadian Clear provides you with a wide range of micro brewery equipments. The variations are in aesthetics as well as manual / semi-automatic or automatic.

Canadian Clear Regular

  • International standard design equipment
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Manual operation for brewing process
  • The brew masters controls the process technology of brewing beer
  • Simplicity in design and maintenance.

Canadian Clear Vintage
  • International standard design equipment
  • Stainless steel vessels cladded with copper electro polished sheets. Also wood cladded tanks
  • Manual operation for brewing process
  • Additional design features in process control technology to support the brew masters
  • Brew masters controls the process based on our process technology
  • More detailed design of the micro brewery equipment
Canadian Clear Contemporary

  • International standard Unique design equipment
  • Most advanced PLC controlled process equipment with remote sensing operation
  • Fully automatic CIP system
  • Aesthetic features as per customer requirement
  • Option of stainless steel copper as well as wood
  • Total process of beer brewing through touch screen and mimic panel

Comprehensive Solutions From Canadian Clear

Canadian Clear is a process technology company focused on providing complete brewery solutions for the gastronomy industries.
Canadian Clear has manufacturing facility in USA as well as India to produce the most advanced brewery equipments with state of art technology from Prodeb Brewery Technology, Belgium. Canadian Clear combines the knowledge of traditional beer making with cutting edge technology. This gives the client a high performance brewing system.
Canadian Clear makes the process of beer brewing simple. We create the finest equipments to produce the perfect brew and preserve the perfect brew. The state of art process programming installed in the PLC of our equipment is simple and helps in data acquisition during the process of producing beer.